Sunday, 5 May 2013

Internet Life


PewDiePie opened his YouTube account for PewDiePie on April 29th, 2010, with a Infiniminer playthrough video showing a player that was trapped in a shed by the other players. Months following from his Minecraft video, he started doing Call of Duty 3 commentaries, and Let's Plays on Alone in the Dark and Wolfenstein. PewDiePie then began uploading many Let's Plays and playthroughs on horror-themed videos, including Amnesia custom stories, and began playing flash games and other types of games, including Façade. On Fridays, PewDiePie would upload a video known as 'Fridays with PewDiePie', which would include vloging, doing Q&As, opening fanmail (known as 'bromail'). He also did an Omegle video, and most popular, his scary/funny moments montages. PewDiePie spawned his database known as the 'Bro Army', entitling users who subscribed to him known as Bro. As of March, 2013, PewDiePie has over 1,400,000,000 video views and 6,360,000 subscribers, or Bros'.

King of the Web

PewDie was nominated to run in the internet phenomena "King of the Web", coming first in the leaderboard as overall king. PewDie intended on using the money of $7,500 to donate to WWF to save the tigers. It was until "WhatDaFuq Show" had a meteoric up rise on the leaderboards, stirring up the bro army, causing controversy, claims of cheating, and verbal bashing on both sides. Though placing second on his first try, he is also the first campaigner in the history of the King of the Web to gain support and forwarded votes from so many campaigners within the top 10, including Syndicate, JPMetz and Scary Snowman. Nevertheless, he still placed first as the "King of Gaming".
Two weeks after the last nominations, PewDiePie was crowned King of the Web, getting a $500 voucher at Game Stop and receiving $7,500 in cash. PewDiePie showed his generosity through one of his "Fridays with PewDiePie" episodes and donated all of the money received into WWF to save the tigers.


PewDiePie runs his own website,as well as his own YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. PewDiePie joined Facebook on March 4th, 2011 and currently has about 672,000 likes. PewDiePie has over 400,000 followers on Twitter, and tweets just about the same aspects that he does on Facebook. Whenever he would do a Q&A for the upcoming Fridays with PewDiePie, he would tweet out asking his Bros to ask him questions. Felix was featured in an episode of Teens React: TheFineBros and Gonzossm.

P.O Box

If you would like to send PewDiePie and/or Marzia fanmail, here is their Post-office box address:
PewDiePie San Paolo 37
36075 Montecchio M. (VI)
PO box n°357

Personal Life

Felix Kjellberg was born on October 24th, 1989 and currently lives in San Paolo, Italy, with his girlfriend, Marzia, with his two pets, a pug named Maya and a Yorkshire terrier named Ynk. (pronounced ink)
Originally, Felix lived in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2008, Felix graduated from High School in Göthenburg, and started college at Chalmers University, until he left the univesity in 2011. On March 28th, 2012, Kjellberg did his first newpaper interview with Swedish site, in which he noted he was going to make  his full-time job and youtube videos a secondary job and was moving to Italy with his girlfriend, Marzia.
Marzia and Felix started dating on around October of 2011, when Marzia's best friend watched PewDiePie's videos at the end of May, and e-mailed Marzia his videos and told him to check out more of his videos. Marzia thought he was really funny and wrote him a letter at then end of June stating how she thought he was funny, handsome and she enjoyed his videos. He wrote back and they started writing each other for a while, until Felix visited her in Italy in August, and then in September, as well as October, until they moved in together after Marzia's birthday . Marzia also has a YouTube channel, under the name CutiePieMarzia.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as  (pronounced pyoo-deh-pai), or PewDie and Pewds for short, is a 23 year-old Swedish video game commentator known for his videos on YouTube and appearances on numerous playthrough videos. PewDiePie is known for his Let's Plays on horror-themed video games, as well as playing many other types of games, including flash and indie games, and records his reactions through audio and webcam recording. PewDiePie's fanbase is known as the "Bro Army" which includes over 6,360,000 subscribers on YouTube, making him the seventh most subscribed channel, and is known as one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube with about 21,000 new subscribers per day.